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Calvert Architectural Group, Inc. (CAG) provides full Architectural and Engineering services for Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing and Office facilities. A wide spectrum of engineering services for the various sectors are available. Our team of consulting engineers typically provide services for the following disciplines...

CAG is well versed in the code issues associated with High Pile Storage. End-Users of facilities for warehouse distribution or others with more complex manufacturing operations may require specialized consulting engineering. Some processes that we have supported with specialized consulting have included the following...

In providing services for more complex industrial end-user operations CAG has developed a specialized skill set associated with Hazardous Occupancies. CAG frequently is involved in the consultation of such designs for H-2, H-3 and H-4 Occupancies for Distribution and Manufacturing Facilities that store, use, mix, formulate or package materials in excess of the MAQ’s for the respective hazard classes. CAG has consulted on and or provided services for over 150 such projects. Please refer to the Hazardous Occupancy section of this web site for additional information.